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tv   [untitled]    October 10, 2012 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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denied justice by the san francisco police department. a woman named laura gardner, not only refuse to do photograph my injuries or collect other evidence she gave me less than two minutes of her time and made me get out of her office and she is collecting a paycheck off of my dime. ms. keyser i want to ask you a question. is there such a thing as a little bit of a violent felony? is there such a thing as a little bit being dragged over a wooden fence? because that's what happened to me. i don't have a law degree like many of you do but i believe my constitutional right under the law has been violated because someone involved in this case got two days in court for allegations that were nowhere near what happened to me. i want to know why gina flores was given two days in court. i'm here to support
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reinstatement of ross mirkarimi. because we need his leadership yesterday. i want to ask a question perhaps to invoke a little bit of humor. i wonder who is the biggest liar, mayor edwin lee, the san francisco chronicle, or mitt romney. >> president chiu: next speaker please. >> hi. my name is kathy black, executive director ofwc]%u la ca de los madres. the facts matter.41q$ the sheriff admitting a violent act against his wife.#[t he pled guilty to false imprisonment in a domestic violence quais. we have not been surprised by the minimize of the injury and unwillingness to takeñ2 responsibility and blaming others. in front of you today we stand
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for victim(abq safety. it is also up to us to stand matter what paths they choose to take. accountability. the facts stand, sheriff mirkarimi pled guilty" to abusig his wife and as a result he is unfit to serve as sheriff. two outá]rcz three san franciscs in a recent poll indicated that office. i urge you to uphold the findings of the ethicsóí7? commission. thank you very much. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next shnllr. int>> withg#f] all due respect s why he know we don't have a -- heart. today people show that he has been elected aqsu% i am -- my name is -- i'm
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media -- tv. honorable person. he worked with us. ceremonies,jkc rallies, demonstrations, and he helped us so manyñeé'd numerous places, te could not be there. but he was there. he touched our heart. where is my vote. the vote that i lost it inwá)g,. he helped me to4a;
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ask, where is my vote, and please reinstate mayor -- i'm sorry, yeah, yeah. reinstate ross mirkarimi, please. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> i actually have some letters for you if i could give it to someone to hand over. great. thank you. i want to put on two hats today but i just want to first say if i could have everybody realize that you are maybe 20 minutes away from dinner, and just like maybe shake it out a little, stand up, stretch your legs, get some blood moving. throw up when i speak in front of you, so we're hoping that i don't. but i'm here wearing two hats. the first is a resident of district 5. my name's cynthia cruz. i am a volunteer -- i am someone
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who watches these political things like people watch football. i grew up in a home with a batterer. so this is personal#l?ñ for me. and when i think about the consequences of it, i think about restorative just$bhr i think about the fact that my vote is being takenke9g away. and i worry that when i was -- when i voted[e6g for ross, and i know that he always had our back inúmú@w d5, always had our backd never had to worry. i didn't have to pay attention to every singled( vote that you guys had because i knew that what i felt like, what the people in my district felty,yels was going to be supported, i want to put on the other hat of themurç not crying cynthia andy
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i'm with the league of pissed off voters. supervisor -- sorry, sheriff mirkarimi. we hope that youge2
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and jokingly said those in front were the new testament the ones behind the old testament. upon reflection later there seemed to be substance to his lighthearted quip, especially in light of all the great irony of this, that of the sheriff's restorative justice policies, justice in that sense meaning to restore, replenish, repair, redeem. the old archaic model of cold justice deployed on the sheriff and his family is utterly disregarded such a humane approach and has been more akin to the kind of treatment someone sparingly illustrated by examiner's relentlessly taunting columns on the sheriff. throughout this long cruel spectacle we have been shown through and through that an eye for an eye, blinds the eye, freezes the heart, feeds on fear, and clouds discretion, thus a minuscule human error
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will be equated with something sounding far worse to fit the cause, to show by example, even if the example being shown is a benign one. so for christ's sake let's lighten up, let the man have his life back, let him breathe again, have some soul and mercy. restore him to his elected position and then let's move on. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is arnold fields a resident of the bay area for the last 46 years. to start, let's not get stuck oz stupid. with all dueáráãrespect, you dot hold an office 'til you're sworn in. this is a dogb>÷ and pony show. this is officialp84ñ misconduct. before any of you supervisors
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vote, asku.0ñ yourself, he or se that has never sinned, go ahead and throw the first stone.añ mayor lee, you have a lot of nerve calling out mr. mirkarimi for a.6tóc lack of ethics. you don't know the definitioniff truth. i don't know if you forgot, but public you would not run if appointed to3z]fd ma. the fact that you did run says you're clueless onz-#p ethics,a big fat liar. incumbent. when you run, it gives you#m% a major advantage. here's a quote fromhur  a -- newspaper and the mayor two cities down the street, who had to appayku a councilmember just
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recently. mayor cassidyjoquñ added he wano appoint a candidate who is not going to be in thek#ul0 electio. two, i don't want anyone to have an advantage. that was comingñfkk from a mayoo cities down the street. c, ross was theóhóxrx only one n ross' job, the mayor's job, and ross was the only official to get elected on his own, fair an7 square, and was not appointed. and election day does)2j0p nott you in office. i think -- >> president chiu: thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you very much. next speaker. thank you very much. thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is jillian everrington. i have lived in district 5 for
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30 years. during recent years when ross mirkarimi was supervisor i noticed tremendous positive change in this district, especially a huge reduction in crime, due to his very hands-on approach. he had genuine concerns for people of all types, especially the disadvantaged. i was always impressed by his communication skills and interest in neighborhood issues. additionally, by his monthly newsletter that kept us informed. altogether, a great leader. i believe ross mirkarimi has a multitude of skills to bring to his role as sheriff. academic, intellectual, years of very relevant work experience, and a strong, clear mind, to manage this extremely challenging role. i trust you will reinstate him. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> hi. my name is -- and i'm iranian
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activist in my community, and also independent journalist. my whole community has been shattered by -- with what is going on with ross mirkarimi because we see that a hard-working man, somebo$6ó6with a lot of new ideas to make the system better for the jails,$swr keeping the crime off the street, and everything, is being punished more than what he hasgñ done. yes, he lost probably, you know, his cool, and he grabdly his wie hand. that's not good. i'm not saying that's good. bad of a crime that you take somebody who is working veryuu/q hard, very hard to get where he is right now. he's done great thingsb)ha 91juu know, city hall. now he has great past for being ayjó5í sheriff. take him away because of that? i mean did he beat his wife? did hiswnufy wife call 911? did they have a big fight? he grab his wife to stop
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and i'm married. these things happen. would i like; be irresponsible0r)és because -- responsible person because i do that? no. because this is not what he does as a sheriff. he does apam) lot more. he has done so much for san francisco. hard, for every minority, for him anymore. my son, who is going to be a lawyer soon, and he'sf disappointed. this is about justice. it's about doing the right thing. america. we don't want to see these things inlâsx america. if it was seen in iran i would say okay, these things happen. buób in america sometimes you be so unfair to me is noto&fo] fai. >> presiujqc"chiu: because there are so many folks in the room we have a board rule in the chamber thatíjé prohibits
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expression of support or opposition to statements. i'd like to ask you to respect to delay the hearing. next speaker. thank you. >> supervisor, my name is,-kpoy swarsman, thank you for listening to my comments today. i want you to read the charter provision very carefully. the language that defines official misconduct as bad conduct that violates laws related to a particular office or to all public offices. a charge of official misconduct must logically contain a description of a particular conduct or behavior, and a reference to an ethics or conflict of interest law. it is clear that no evidence has been presented that the sheriff's behavior is official misconduct. look at the mayor's charges, amended charges, brief, or whatever document you wish. listen to the endless drama of commission hearings. there are no charges of official misconduct. there is no action paired with citation of relevant law that
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has been broken. charges of official misconduct are the emperor's new clothes. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> hi. my name's teresa cooper. and i worked on ross' campaign. and it really hurts my heart to see what's going on in my city. i've never supported anyone in this city, never got involved in politics. but i felt ross was right. and i went with that as a healer. i was one of the best ones at rubberbanding, okay. i've really trusted all of you will make the right decision. i have been tortured. this is about me. in all of this that's gone on. i have protested on muni. i spoke out on muni. i went to the federal+er'f govet recently, when i had been realizing that people at city
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hall weren't going to be supportingn9m i went to the sheriff's office. i went to the mayor's office. i went to the office of communication. i was the one that said that i was going to sue the city%#á"ç o to the feds. attorney's office, i felt led to go to the feds because i wasn't being heard,.#jç and i was beig dispeculiared as a person --.pz disrespected as a person who filed a bunch of lawsuits against theq it is unlawful for the mayor reelected. the feds will look into it. the ethics commission,p-ófh i rejoiced. i'm tired of fighting. your comments about medical this is a sanctuary city. and where is the mayor? speaker. >> first of all, thank you for
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giving mehsñ opportunity, supervisors, to present. and i would like tol[.9ç endorsd stand with our sheriff, "occupyl movement, occupy south no one coming forward because the police is against us, andzzje our freedom of cho, and speech that undery[-áot atty our federal government and our country is out of control. we need to start at a local level and start supporting our good police department, so they can protect us, our constitutional rights are so important. and this is happening all over the country. our governors, our judges, our prosecutors, our mayors, are all in bed together. they're not protecting our rights. they go to the same resorts and clubs. our system is archaic. this is happening in every part of the country, such as the city
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that imfrom, south san francisco, and -- mayor, mr. vando with the police department and officer sad aki removed me out of our property illegally destroyed a small community building garden, organic shop, and a florist. we are not going to support this evil government, or your department. enough. we had -- with this that's happening. we are with you, mr. ross. we're going to support you. occupy south san thank you very much. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> good evening, everyone. my name is ernestin ernestine w. how can it be official
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misconduct when the man was not officially conducted into the city services. he was not sworn in, period. so therefore, you cannot stay it's officialut)a misconduct. violence. i was a direct victim of abuse and violence husband. i was holding my infant baby in my arms, and he shoved me. only because i woke him up for dinner. that's violence. how can you sit here and say a tug of the arm is violence. it's ridiculous. the man didn't beat her up. he didn't physically harm her,)y cutting her up, or have effectively bleeding, or whatever. so, you know, let's be reasonable and use some common sense here. grabbing an arm is not violence. how -- the mayor, willie brown, he was in office, officially at the time when he was an adulterer, a father of an
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illegitimate child, not a slap on the wrist. gavin newsom, drunk, violent, on drugs, and an adulterer with the chief of staff's wife and not a slap on the wrist. upon so how do you define this as justice. come on. this is not fair. the punishment does not fit the crime. you have to do this properly, and let this man be reinstated. it is ridiculous, the charges, and all these things that they're saying about him. let's be decent. we're a city of decency and really liberalism. you know, let's see you act on it. let's see you show what you're made of. don't fall victim to all the politics. thank -- >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >.members of the board, sonia --
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in 1974 as a young college student i went to live in the home of a woman who revealed to me when she was 14 years old living in south of market with her mother and stepfather she saw him slap her mother twice. in the second incident she saw him stab her mother in the heart and throw her out of the window. two incidents leading to one death. the story inspire la casa de los madres -- we knew women didn't leave abusive relationships for many reasons including financial dependency and unwillingness to leave children behind. that's why the name the house of mothers. san francisco gave birth to the first shelter in california, specifically for survivors of domestic violence, the second in the country. we believe that women needed a safe home to heal. legislation has passed all over the country, because it is known
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that this is never just a private family matter. this problem affect us all. i recall at a meeting of a community members, when i was accused of destroying families, my response then and now is, if that is what's necessary to protect the lives of children and women, so be it. there is a child in this case. when a child is involved in violence, the trauma can be remembered from as early as the crib. home is often whereç41í'(rr&dreo fight or bully others in school or street learn their behavior. our first role models are our parents, then our teachers, and other adults in our life, including elected officials. see this matter as a serious you dismiss it because it happened before or after the i'm here to tell you the incident rises to the level of domestic violencetz] where a cd was a witness.
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thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. i'm sure you're all thoroughly exhausted by now. michael o'rorke from district 4. i won't dwell too long on the fact that i'm saddened disheartened by the appalling shameful undignifiedignified trt on mr. mirkarimi and the mayor lee's attorney who seems somewhat selective. rather than get to the heart of the matter through understanding, reasoning, inquiring, compassion, the administration has indulged in an undig nigh fied display of fairkt assassination towards mr. mirkarimi and have prosecuted a personal ven at the timea against him with the viciousness of a junkyard dog. if this is the way san francisco
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treats its public servants it doesn't deserve to have any. the issue before you is that of official misconduct. you've heard argument about the bright line definition. that's what i want from my government is a bright line definition of the rules. i want a clear understanding of the rules. i want them applied with equality. without them, you get capriciousness under the law, you get fuzzy headed thinking and a double standard as pointed out our recent mayor was caring on with the wife of one of his aides. that would rise to the level of official misconduct according to the outlines of the city attorney. some questions. was the sheriff ever convicted of spousal abuse? no, he was not. in closing i'm going to ask you to be decent, to display good faith, compassion, and understanding. listen to the people who are here. restore mr. mirkarimi to his position, and let's get on with
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life in san francisco. thank you very much. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> you've heard many people say this evening all the good that they believe ross mirkarimi has done as supervisor of his district. we've heard many times about how the impetus to remove him is a witch hunt or politically motivated. these are both irrelevant and a distractions. it esessential to remember that ross mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a domestic violence crime. do to the nature of his crime it is neither possible or appropriate to fulfill his duties as sheriff especially as he's still serving his sentence. as supervisors it is your responsibility to keep the best interests of your residents of your district at the forefront. i would riek to remind you, it has been overwhelmingly shown the majority of san franciscans from each district believe ross
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mirkarimi should be removed from office. i urge you to stay true to your word to represent the citizens of san francisco and listen to what they are saying. the citiz=!x' of san francisco want safety and accountability from their elected officials. i urge you to show san franciscans that you take the crime of domestic violencef seriously and to show the country that san francisco, a city nationally recognized for its domestic violence response, is true to its wordçwo' as well. i ask you uphold the ethics commission findings on misconduct and÷ remove ross mirkarimi from office. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next=e+7w speaker. next speaker. >> chair member, and board of supervisors, my name is sheila, and i am a team program case manager with la casa de las madres. i'm not here to question accomplishments of mirkarimi.
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i personally voted for him. i have also had the privilege of supporting survivors of domestic violence and understand the acts of the perpetrator do not stop with the victim but affect their children, their family and friends and the rest of the community. i have seen howp+q incredibly hd it is for survivors to seek out help from their own communities and domestic violence agencies, much less law enforcement. san francisco has worked hard over the past decades to improve its ability to better support survivors to ensure that those who have been victims feel they can turn to the police, and -- for help and protection. it's deeply disturbing to me to think that someone who has been a perpetrator of violence be put in charge of the protection of those who have been victim to it especially someone who is supposed to be the face of the office of the sheriff. public officials should be held to a higher standard because people put their trust in them by electing them to their position. ross mirkarimi broke that trust.
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i urge the board of supervisors to continue the progress san francisco has made combating domestic violence and urge you to uphold the official misconduct findings against ross mirkarimi. thank you for your time. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. my name is katherine burg, associate director at la casa de las madres i have been domestic violence advocate. i don't envy you but i think your course of action is clear. ross mirkarimi admitted to committing a violent act against his life, he knew he was breaking the law and pled guilty to false imprisonment in a domestic violence case. this is not a politically motivated witch hunt. as has been repeatedly called. hopefully this is the end of a protracted disciplinary process that is going to identify that it's not appropriate for san francisco sheriff or
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sheriff-elect to commit a domestic violence crime, be on probation and lead one of the agency's -- one of the city's law enforcement agencies. if reinstated, he will represent your tolerance, he will represent san francisco's tolerance of a top law enforcement officer committing a crime, rooted in the abuse of power and control. it's not appropriate. if you fail to agree that mirkarimi -- that his conduct does fall below that standard it to survivors of violence. thiskm+ju is not about ross miri as a person. this is about ross mirkarimi as our sheriff. and i urge you to sustain the charges of official misconduct. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. >> good evening. wow.wicx